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7" LCD_TFT LCD Display_1024x600 HD_MIPI Interface

分 辨 率:1026×600 dots
可视视角:6 o`clock
接口类型:MIPI 2 Lanes
Touch method: RTP/CTP
Backlight Brightness: 350 cd/m²
外形尺寸:164.30(W)* 97.00(H) * 2.60(T)

Basic description

7寸LCD液晶屏分辨率为1024×600像素,驱动IC为EK79007AD+EK73217BCGA,亮度高达320-800cd/m2,MIPI接口。彩色TFT LCD显示屏低功耗,低噪音,色彩鲜艳真实,高对比度,高清分辨率响应刷新速度快,颜色支持高达16M 色,可显示高质量动态清晰的图像和图形模型。

ICPD LcdmonitorQuality is higher than the industry standard, batch products without color deviation, color and brightness consistent, in line with industrial and consumer grade production process requirements, stable quality, good customer reputation and credibility in the LCD display industry, welcome to call us, we will provide you with the best quality products and services.

sports event element unit (of measure)
sizes 7寸显示屏 inch (unit of length equal 2.54 cm.)
Overall dimensions 164.30(W)* 97.00(H) * 2.60(T) millimetre
display area 56.16 * 93.60 millimetre
fractional 1026×600
LCD Type a-Si TFT
visual angle 6 o`clock
driver chip EK79007AD+EK73217BCGA
Interface Type MIPI 2 Lanes
operating temperature -20℃~ 70℃
Storage temperature -30℃~ 80℃
LED light 21 LEDs

The above display technical parameters are based onLCD displayThe specification of the book shall prevail, customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose, thank you for choosing our display and service.



PIN Definition

NO. Symbol Description
1 LED-A power supply anxiety for backlighting
2 LED-K power supply cable for backlighting
3 VCC(2.8) POWER SUPPLY (2.8V)
5 GND Ground
6 CLKP MIPI-DSI CLOCK differential signal input pin
7 CLKN MIPI-DSI CLOCK differential signal input pin
8 GND Ground
9 D0N MIPI-DSI Data differential signal input pins. (Data lane 0)
10 D0P MIPI-DSI Data differential signal input pins. (Data lane 0)
11 GND Ground
12 D1N MIPI-DSI Data differential signal input pins. (Data lane 1)
13 D1P MIPI-DSI Data differential signal input pins. (Data lane 1)
14 GND Ground
15 NC Not Connect
16 NC Not Connect
17 GND Ground
18 NC Not Connect
19 NC Not Connect
20 GND Ground
21 TE Serves TE (Tearing Effect ) pin on MPU interface
22 LCD-ID Not Connect
23 RES Reset pin
24 GND Ground
25 GND Ground

About Samples

Three TFT LCD liquid crystal displays are provided free of charge.

Depending on the need for communication and validation, and standard or customized materials, such as resistive or capacitive touch screen, FPC or backlighting, the structural drawings of TFT LCD LCD display are arranged within 2-3 days for customer confirmation.

Sample delivery time for standardized TFT LCD displays is 2-3 days. For customized TFT LCD display, samples are made according to the confirmed drawings. Sample production takes time.Sample delivery lead time for TFT LCD display is generally 7-12 days. Cycle time is 18-21 days.

After the samples are made, they will be inspected according to the sample delivery process. A series of structural and electrical performance tests, high, low temperature and thermal shock aging tests, vibration tests, salt spray tests, etc. will be arranged according to the quality control procedures. We provide actual test reports of TFT LCD display to ensure the reliable performance of TFT LCD display.


Yes. We are a display manufacturer with 12 years of production experience, we can provide monthly production capacity of 800K/PCS.

We already have agents in some areas and we are looking for more in certain areas.

We carry out a strict quality control checking process, and each display 100% passes at least 5 positions of electrical performance inspection before leaving the factory.

We provide 12 months warranty. If there is more than 0.6% quality problem, we will analyze the LCD and provide a report with short and long term solution. If there is more than 3% quality problem, we will replace it again.

1. A long-term partner with competitive price and stable quality.

2. One-to-one sales service and perfect after-sales service.

Standard Display

Customized Displays


① Customized backlight and interface cable FPCs
Brightness, interface, FPCA can be customized according to customer requirements.
Interface conversion between RGB, SPI, MCU, EDP, LVDS, MIPI.

② Ultra High Brightness

High brightness backlight technology (≥1000nits), still clearly visible under sunlight.

③ EWV (Extra Wide Viewing Angle)

Up, down, left and right viewing angles can be 60 degrees.
IPS Full Viewing Angle with up, down, left and right viewing angles up to 85 degrees.

④ Touch screen

Capacitive touch screen AR (anti-reflective), AG (anti-glare), AF (anti-fingerprint), touch screen TFT LCD display OCA optical integrated lamination.
4-wire or 5-wire resistive touch screen, glossy/matte can be customized.


By continuously providing innovative display solutions to different industries around the world, we understand that every LCD display is unique and every customer is special. That's why ICP DAS produces a wide range of LCD displays to meet different requirements.TFT LCD liquid crystal displayto serve different industries.

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