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Since 2010, ICP DAS has been known for providing outstanding quality TFT LCD products. We understand the importance of TFT LCDs to the customer experience of the display and have taken the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of our TFT LCD products.
Superior Quality: ICP DAS® ensures the excellent quality of all components and all modules are tested at every stage of production.
Applicability Guarantee: ICP DAS TFT LCDs are tailor-made and guaranteed to fit 100% of your products.
Convenience: ICP DAS provides comprehensive TFT LCD solutions for thousands of systems at competitive prices.
Stability: ICP DAS was established in 2010 and has developed into an independent TFT LCD module manufacturer in the industry.
Reliability: ICP DAS is committed to using the highest quality components and conducting 100% comprehensive aging tests, which makes ICP DAS TFT LCD modules the most reliable products on the market.
Professionalism: ICP DAS is involved in the entire LCM manufacturing process from LCD cutting, assembling ICs, COG, FOG assembly modules to testing finished products.
Warranty: All of ICP DAS TFT LCDs are covered by a 12-month warranty (product life), visit the ICP DAS warranty statement page for more information.

Shenzhen ICP DAS Technology Co.
ICP has grown to be the most complete independent manufacturer of TFT LCD products. The company has grown from a manufacturer of TFT LCD modules in COG method to having more than 2,000 models and in 2015, the company’s sales exceeded 100 million RMB.
Reliability is the cornerstone of ICP DAS’s product strategy, and it is this reliability that has created a high level of trust between ICP DAS and its customers. ICP is committed to surpassing industry standards in terms of details, product quality and product reliability.

Reliability and experience of ICP DAS products
An important step in ensuring the reliability of TFT LCDs is to thoroughly inspect the TFT LCD components and ensure that only the highest quality components are used. ICP DAS is one of the few TFT LCD manufacturers in the world that strictly requires component quality and tests modules at all stages of production.
ICP DAS has also developed one of the most stringent and credible testing processes in the TFT LCD industry. ICP DAS has continuously invested in its world-class production facilities used worldwide.

International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001
The ISO program is the international standard for the overall quality of business processes. ISO 9001 is adopted to ensure that companies adopt the highest level of skill to guide them in laying the foundation for their business operations. Its structure covers the entire process of product or service delivery: procurement of raw materials and components, contract review, quality control, product inspection, design, development, shipment, delivery, employee training, and customer service and support. Its purpose is to establish overall quality standards for business processes.
ICP has developed a quality system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and was certified in the first review in 2011. Since then, ICP has successfully passed routine reviews every six months.

Tricore Quality
ICP DAS is proud to play an active role in verifying the quality and reliability of the components used in its products. ICP DAS’ TFT LCDs are specially designed and manufactured by purchasing components from qualified suppliers who meet ICP DAS’ high quality standards. ICP DAS received the ISO 9001 certification in 2011. In addition to obtaining this high standard certification, ICP DAS continues to maintain and improve its processes to meet the demanding TFT LCD industry requirements.

To ensure 100% reliability and compatibility, ICP DAS LCDs are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the system or class of systems in which the modules are installed. ICP DAS engineers test TFT LCD LCDs on system motherboards that have the most common digital product motherboard programs and microcontrollers installed in the system. Since there are slight differences in the performance of different brands of TFT LCD LCDs, ICP DAS design standards require in-system quality qualification for each new module design.

Raw Materials
ICP DAS has a proactive supplier quality program to verify and monitor backlight, chip, circuit board (FPC) and SMD passive components. ICP has established strict control requirements covering all aspects from component lot acceptance to compliance testing.

To minimize shipping efforts and reduce the chance of chip damage, all TFT LCD chips are sent directly from Taiwan manufacturers to ICP DAS assembly plants. Many processes are taken throughout the assembly process to avoid the possibility of static electricity, as that is the main cause of TFT LCD LCD failure.

ICP DAS uses a multi-layer testing system to ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to rigorous testing of ICs and other components, all new module designs are subjected to microscope quality testing, platform balancing, FPC tension testing, particle burst testing, and system-specific long-term reliability testing. In addition, ICP DAS insists on implementing the long-standing practice of 100% full production testing on all finished products.
At ICP DAS, we believe that quality excellence is based on a combination of four aspects: Design, Component, Assembly and Test (DCAT).

Many other TFT LCD module companies choose generic modules for various systems. ICP DAS has elevated the design standards and manufactured system specific TFT LCD LCDs. This means customizing the design to the TFT LCD requirements of the computer system for which the module is designed. The design is fine-tuned to meet the following requirements: match system timing; reduce noise and heat; and enable the most efficient communication between the TFT LCD LCD and the microcontroller. ICP DAS also performs module testing through a system with commonly used applications, operating systems, and OEM diagnostics installed.

It is very easy to purchase ICP DAS products. ICP DAS supports many major driver board systems and offers various types of TFT LCD technology, making it possible for ICP DAS to excel in meeting all your TFT LCD needs. Our TFT LCDs are suitable for industrial control industry, digital industry, medical equipment, security industry, POS industry, and even military supplies and smart home industry. We provide free technical support service to help you solve possible TFT LCD LCD problems. All ICP DAS TFT LCD modules are provided with 12 months warranty.

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