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  • TFT LCM MCU RGB SPI Interface

      Display MCU interface RGB interface SPI interface At present, there are several mainstream interface methods of TFT LCD: MCU interface, RGB interface, SPI interface, MIPI interface. MUC interface and RGB interface are widely used, mainly with the following differences: MCU interface: commands...
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  • The development history of TFT LCD

    The development history of TFT LCD

    In 1888, Austrian plant cigar F.R einitzer plants in the process of crystallization in the observation, found that if the temperature rises to 145 ℃, the crystallization will appear white, then present a transparent state when heated to 172 ℃, a German physicist O.L ehmann named it after the LCD,...
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  • Hongcai Technology solemnly promises

    Hongcai Technology solemnly promises

     Hongcai Technology solemnly promises  First, the three-package service commitment period of our products from the date of purchase, the date of the official delivery record date shall prevail, you accept the service voucher as a valid three-package voucher. Second, the product’s three-pack...
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  • Why choose Hongcai?

    Why choose Hongcai?

    Since 2010, ICP DAS has been known for providing outstanding quality TFT LCD products. We understand the importance of TFT LCDs to the customer experience of the display and have taken the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of our TFT LCD products. Superior Quality: ICP DAS® ensures the ex...
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  • Why Hongcai can guarantee quality

    Why Hongcai can guarantee quality

    How does Hongcai guarantee the quality? Answer: Hongcai has passed ISO9001:2008 certification. ISO principle is carried out in daily activities. The quality is strictly controlled in designing, material incoming, production process, equipment, management and checking and the rejects are not allow...
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  • ILI9341V Series Driver IC

    ILI9341V Series Driver IC

    To the most tight 8-inch factory capacity, the price increase of about 15% to 20%, the number of retail customers who have placed orders for a smaller number of pieces, or customers in urgent need of capacity support, the offer increased by up to 30%, and even some foundries, customers want to ad...
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  • Hongcai Experimental Equipment

    Hongcai Experimental Equipment

    ICP DIC makes reliability work plan in order to achieve all the tasks specified in the product reliability outline. Reliability plan is the core of the company’s implementation of reliability management, and the preparation of reliability plan is the specific implementation plan formulated ...
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  • Display screen parameters

    Display screen parameters

    DISPLAY TYPE TN STN Normal Temperature Wide Temperature Normal Temperature Wide Temperature OPERATING VOLTAGE 3.0V 5.0V 5.0V 5.0V VIEWING ANGLE HORIZONTAL +/-35° +/-40° VERTICAL +40° / -10° +35° / -5° +45° / -10° OPERATING TEMPERATURE -10°C / +60°C -30°C / +80°C 0°C / ...
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