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ICP is a professional and experiencedLCD liquid crystal displayManufacturer, ICP DAS has standard and customized TFT LCDs, with a wide range of receiver types including MCU, SPI, TTL, QSPI RGB, EDP, LVDS, I2C, MIPI, etc. Modules supporting resistive and capacitive technologies for touchscreens, as well as touch display device all-in-one (TDM) solutions to meet the needs of products.

Applications are mainly in industrial equipment, medical products, white goods, POS systems, STM32 and more. Please use the product list below to help you find the right display for your application.

The list we only listed a part of the display specification, if the list does not have the specification you want, you can write to call us.

For more information, please contact us.

LG Access Control System

Medical Instruments

2.4" 240x320 drive ILI9341v

Industrial Control Displays

4.95" 480X854 MCU interface

industrial control

Testing Instruments

2.2" 240x320 Driver ST7789V2

Display Module

2.8" 240x320 MCU interface

Charging Modules

charging facility

Display Application Examples

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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